Formation of image for thе Kaunas Heat and Power Plant (KHPP)

Our agency had to form the image of the Kaunas Heat and Power Plant as an active member of the urban community and also to reveal the corporate responsibility of the Company, its priorities of social policy for the population to representatives of power and other opinion leaders.

Actions performed
The established aims are under realization in cooperation with the most influential media of Kaunas and with the national media. The Kaunas Municipality is constantly supplied with the information about the KHPP activities, plans, decisions. In order to form positive and socially responsible image, the experts of power engineering, environmental protection, consumers’ rights defense are engaged. The social project for schoolchildren “The most Advanced Class” is underway.

The context, in which the mass media present KHPP, is undergoing changes. The Plant is ever more frequently mentioned as a power plant producing heat at the smallest prices in Lithuania.
In the Kaunas schools of general education the name of KHPP is related to the contest “The most Advanced Class” and generally, with the idea of progress.

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