Publicizing of the greatest in all times investment project in Kaunas “The Kaunas Power Plant”

AVENIRE had to develop a favorable communicative environment for construction of the new power plant in Kaunas.

Actions performed
Constant cooperation with mass media for publicizing the project at the national level with extremely great attention paid to the work with the media of Kaunas city. Project was presented to the City Municipality. In the Kaunas city schools of general education the social project “The most Advanced Class” is underway. To the aim of underlying benefits of the power plant from the environmental standpoint, the cooperation is going on with the organizations engaged in the field of environmental protection; their public outgivings are being distributed.

The attitude of the Kaunas policy-makers towards the construction of the new heat and power plant in the city is undergoing changes.
This project of the power plant is known to the inhabitants as a best of all heat supply options offered to the city.

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