Environmental project “I Am Green”

To develop a project for sorting of secondary raw materials which can involve various groups of society, foster consciousness of people and encourage them to become active players in management of secondary raw materials.

Actions performed

Situation analysis showed the need to communicate not only the ecological, but also economical benefit of sorting waste, to reveal this process as a simple, not burdening custom of every day life and to escalate the idea that is in fashion to care for environment.
Opinion leaders and known to society persons were invited to propagate the ideas of the project. The most effective communicative means were selected in order to reach each audience.

An educational play for children was created together with professional actors and shown in more than 100 schools across the Lithuania. There was also created an educational game set specially for the project “I Am Green”, teaching children how to sort waste correctly. It is being enjoyed by 50 thousand children. The Green Caravan driving through Lithuanian towns taught the people to sort waste. The Green Declaration was prepared and signed by more than 24 thousand inhabitants of the country. There were also arranged contests for businesses, municipalities, schools and journalists.
The festive event Green Awards was organized to summarize the results of the project. The film was created for presentation of the activities and the project results.
During the project more than 370 articles were printed in the national and regional press; the news broadcasts in the national television channels showed reportages about the project; a cycle of TV broadcasts was created; an advertising campaign was realized in press and television.

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